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K.S. Wani Memorial Trust and Sundeep Foundation, two groups of like minded people coming from different professional backgrounds, joined hands to provide ophthalmic care to the needy poor, mostly tribals, in Dhule and Nandurbar districts, which together contain a population of more than 49% tribal people. Most of the tribals and rural population of the two districts cannot afford to pay for the essential cataract surgeries to restore clear vision. Both the groups are registered as charities with the Charity Commissioner of Maharashtra . They are also separately registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).
  K.S. Wani Memorial Trust has provided their modern newly constructed facilities at Kamalini Wani Hospital in Dhule to open Sharda Netralay, a section totally devoted to offering ophthalmic services. Sundeep Foundation has provided its managerial skills in the operation of the facilities.
  K.S. Wani Memorial Trust , registered in 1987, conducts numerous activities including
  1. K.S. Wani Institute of Advanced Studies in Marathi,
  2. Kamalini Wani Institute for Health Care,
  3. Shriwani Printing Institute,
  4. Reu Wani Vidnyan Vihar,
  5. Manjulabai Warkhede Library,
  6. Prof. Raghunath Kele School for Hearing Impaired
       (in cooperation with the Institute for Rehabilitation of Handicapped in Hearing),
  7. Kamalini Kruti Bhavan, a daycare centre for persons afflicted with Schizophrenia in Pune
       (in cooperation with Schizophrenia Awareness Association).
  For additional information visit their website at www.kswtrust.org.

Sundeep Foundation is a registered charity involved in charitable activities in health care and education. They have been organizing Rushabh Netrayagna, camp for free cataract surgeries, every year since 1992 in Maharashtra and Gujarat . In these camps, more than 3400 underprivileged less fortunate patients have received cataract surgeries with IOL implant absolutely at no cost.