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The majority of India 's 20 million blind cannot afford to pay for sophisticated systems to have their eye sight restored. This results in loss of productivity amongst these less fortunate. To make the sight restoration affordable to all, we use a staggered system of cross-subsidization which allows us to offer free high-quality care to the economically underprivileged
The first and foremost step in helping the underprivileged less fortunate with ophthalmic care is to bring together the medical professionals who provide their selfless services, compassionate caring volunteers who provide management, coordination and administration to carry on the associated charitable activities for helping the poor and the donors whose generosity provides the financial support,. Committed medical professionals, dedicated volunteers and generous donors form a “Triveni Sangam”, or a holy trinity.

Rushabh Netrayagna is a camp for free cataract surgeries, every year since 1992 in Maharashtra and Gujarat, providing opthalmic Care including Cataract Surgeries to the Unprivileged less fortunate in rural areas of the two states.

The credit for the medical success of the annual Rushabh Netrayagna goes to the teams of the medical professionals and the efforts of the volunteer team which form the back-bone of annual Rushabh Netrayagna , the hospitals based cataract surgeries camp.

The efforts of the volunteer team and their unflinching support form the back-bone of annual Rushabh Netrayagna, the hospital based cataract surgeries camp. Not only the members of Sundeep Foundation but also their family members, including children, actively participate in these annual camps. In Bhuj (Gujarat) they are supported by the members of Kutch Youth Development and in Dhule ( Maharashtra ) Shri Parshwanath Seva Mandal have been extending their helping hand continuously for many years. The support of these groups have made it possible to conduct 18 annual Rushabh Netrayagna, providing more than 3400 cataract surgeries, all of them with Intra Ocular Lens Implants (IOL), unless it was medically not advisable, at no cost to the underprivileged less fortunate in rural areas of the two states.
Whenever possible, along with Rushabh Netrayagna, we also provide regular gastro and cardiac diagnostic facilities as well as orthopedic surgeries. Notwithstanding that these are charitable activities provided at no cost; the level of the patient care is no less than what is available in a city like Mumbai. We have also started a mobile ophthalmic clinic conducting mini satellite camps in the peripheral tribal area of Dhule and Nandurbar Districts which provides OPD facility at their doorsteps.
Now we have Kamalini Wani Hospital available on year round basis to provide free ophthalmic care for twelve months of the year on a continuous basis. A New Chapter has begun in the history of Rushabh Netrayagna with the opening of the most modern and state of the art eye hospital, where a ray of light leads onto a way of hope. However, when we did not have this permanent facility, we received help to conduct our annual Rushabh Netrayagna from Shri Jain Medical Center and Civil Hospital Authority in Bhuj (Gujarat) and Dr. Deore's Hospital in Dhule ( Maharashtra ) for many years.