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K.S. Wani Memorial Trust provided the land for the hospital building and the Canada based Maharashtra Seva Samiti Organization raised funds from its donors and matching funds from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Wild Rose Foundation of Alberta for the construction of the hospital building. In addition to these initial costs, they also provided assistance to buy modern ophthalmic equipment. To cover the costs for the initial set up, generous donations were received from two U.S.A. based friends of Sundeep Foundation. Sadhu Wasvani Mission partially subsidizes free cataract surgeries for all Rushabh Netrayagna (annual eye camps).

Like all charitable institutions, we depend on the support of many individuals and funding agencies from different parts of the world. The support also comes in the form of material, volunteer services at the Rushabh Netrayagna (annual eye camps). These services include professional help from medical community as well as general help from the lay community. There are many ways in which you can help us financial donation, volunteer services, and sponsorship of a cataract surgery.

Anniversaries and birthdays are happy occasions to make a gift of eyesight to the needy poor rural people. Your donation of $55.00 U.S. (or equivalently Rs.2500) will provide for cataract surgery of one eye and $110.00 U.S. (or equivalently Rs.5000) will pay for cataract surgery of both eyes. Your donation will enable the person to be, once again, a productive member of his family. We would provide the donor with the name of the beneficiary, if requested so by the donor.